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Student ID / Z-ID

As a first-year law student, you will receive your personal Account ID/Z-ID after paying your full deposit. The Admissions Office will begin assigning your Z-ID in May before your fall semester. Your Z-ID is a unique identifier and it is permanent.

Your Z-ID allows you to access NIU network applications and resources. Should you ultimately decide enroll at NIU College of Law in August, you will frequently utilize your Z-ID to take care of a number of critical logistical matters, such as the establishment of your university email account, the completion of your financial aid application, the acceptance of any loans you may secure as a law student, and the registration for all of your coursework during your second and third years at the College of Law.

If you have any questions regarding your Z-ID please email us at

Register for Classes

As a first-year law student, you will be automatically placed in a section and registered for classes sometime in the weeks that lead up to Orientation. Stay tuned for more information.

Buy Books

You will be assigned to a first-year section sometime in the month prior to the start of classes. You will also be given a list of books you need, which you may purchase at the NIU Bookstore.

We will also help facilitate the sale of books between current law students and you. More details will be coming, so watch your email!

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