Clarinet Cornucopia (Gregory Barrett) - NIU - School of Music

2017 - Saturday, April 15: Sean Osborn: The Composer Clarinetist  

Join Seattle clarinetist Sean Osborn and NIU faculty member Greg Barrett for a free day of concerts and master classes. Write to Dr. Barrett if you and/or your students would like to perform.

Sean Osborn has performed on four continents since his recital debut at the age of seventeen at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Appointed over nearly 300 other applicants to a position with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in 1989, Mr. Osborn was the youngest clarinetist in the history of the Met. He has also performed as guest Principal Clarinet with the New York Philharmonic, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Seattle Symphony and the American Symphony Orchestra. 

2014 - Anat Cohen: The Clarinet and All That Jazz

Anat Cohen and Master Class particpants.


Host Gregory "Moose" Barrett and Anat Cohen.        Ensembles Concert soloist Rich Moore, Joliet Junior College.

"You've got to know your scales!"

NIU Junior Will Kirby rehearses with the Cornucopia Choir.

2013 - The Clarinet, Playing Together

Catherine Hudgins, National Lyric Opera and Portland (ME) Symphony Orchestra, and William Hudgins of the Boston Symphony Orchestra were featured in a day focusing on duet and ensemble performances.

William Hudgins with NIU students Harry Choin, Michael Ouellette and Jimmy Zucker.

Patrick Sheehan and Steven Boyd

Cornucopia Choir Director Patrick Sheehan and band director from Ironwood, Michigan, Steven Boyd.

Catherine and William Hudgins flanked by master class performers, Frank Delo, Clarissa Saliwanchik, Xavier Fisher, Michael Ouellette, Harry Choin, Professor Gregory Barrett, Marjorie Shearer and Amanda Kayser.

Duet partners Greg Barrett, NIU and Andrea DiOrio, North Central College.

NIU graduate students Frank Delo and Amanda Kayser.

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2012 - The Clarinet and the Orchestra

Burt Hara, Minnesota Orchestra and Patrick Sheehan, director of the Cornucopia Choir gave us a wonderful day.

master class participants

Master class participants Steve Gooden, Xavier Fisher, Harry Choin, Amanda Kayser and Calla Olson with Burt Hara and host Greg Barrett.

Burt Hara

Greg Barrett and Burt Hara

Patrick Sheehan and Cornucopia Choir

Conductor, composer and arranger Patrick Sheehan with the Cornucopia Choir rehearsing Hector Berlioz' Symphonie Fantastique.

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2011 - German Romantic

Eli Eban, Indiana University and Principal Clarinet Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra, was the guest artist for a day devoted to 19th century German and Danish music.

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2010 - Finnish Modern

Mikko Raasakka, principal clarinet of the Jyväskylä Sinfonia, Finland, was the guest artist.

Mikko Raasakka taught a master class

Mikko Raasakka (front row, left) taught a master class.

Cornucopia Choir performed Vento by Jukka Tiensuu

The Cornucopia Choir played Jukka Tiensuu's "Vento."

Dr. Barrett, Mikko Raasakka and composer Chris Renk

Composer Chris Renk's commissioned clarinet duet was performed in the duet competition.

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2009 - Clarinets in Motion

Steve Cohen from Northwestern University's School of Music joined mime artists T.Daniel and Laurie Willetts for music, mime, motion, and dance.

NIU dancers with Cornucopia Choir

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2008 - The Clarinet Cornucopia was on sabbatical.

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2007 - The Operatic Clarinet

We explored the operatic side of the clarinet and its literature with Lyric Opera of Chicago principal clarinetist Charlene Zimmerman.

Cornucopia participants with Charlene Zimmerman, Lyric Opera principal clarinet

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2006 - The Clarinet and Mozart

The 2006 Cornucopia featured music of Mozart. The guest artist was Russ Dagon, Milwaukee Symphony and Northwestern University (retired).

Russ Dagon, retired Milwaukee principal clarinet, and student at the Cornucopia masterclass

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2005 - Karl Leister

The 2005 NIU Clarinet Cornucopia featured Karl Leister, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (retired).

Karl Leister, Berlin Philharmonic (retired) and Greg Barrett performing at Cornucopia

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2004 - Sounds of Japan

Clarinet music from Japan was the focus in 2004. Guests were John Bruce Yeh, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the Clarinet Quartet of the US Air Force Band of Mid-America.

John Bruce Yeh, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, in the Cornucopia masterclass

John Bruce Yeh coaching a student in the masterclass.

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2003 Schindelmeisser Concerto for Four Clarinets and Orchestra

Michael Lowenstern, David Etheridege, Greg Barrett and Lawrie Bloom

Michael Lowenstern, David Etheridge, Greg Barrett and Lawrie Bloom following their performance of Schindelmeisser's Concerto for Four Clarinets and Orchestra with the NIU Wind Ensemble.

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2002 Diverse Music for the Clarinet

Featured guest artists were James Campbell, Indiana University, Rich Corpolongo, jazz clarinetist, and Michele Gingras, Miami University of Ohio, and her Klezmer group, the Cincinnati Klezmer Project.

Cornucopia Clarinet Choir rehearsing

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