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Summer Camps

Lynn Stockton
Geof Bradfield
Nathan Wyman
Judy Chitwood

Camp Staff Biographies

Summer in the Arts at Northern hires many talented individuals for the summer camps. NIU faculty, students, and alumni, as well as area teachers, are among the staff.  Pictured above are camp directors Lynn Stockton (Visual Arts Camp), Geof Bradfield (NIU Jazz Camp), Nathan Wyman (Theatre Arts Camps), and Judy Chitwood (Dance Camp).

NIU Jazz Camp

GEOF BRADFIELD (camp director, saxophone instructor)
Matthew Attfield (trombone instructor, counselor)
Kimberly Branch (trumpet instructor, counselor)
Bryan Carter (percussion instructor, co-director combo, head counselor)
Quentin Coaxum (trumpet instructor, counselor
Mark Dahl (big band director, saxophone instructor)
Willerm Delisfort (combo director, piano instructor, counselor)
Fareed Haque (guitar instructor)
Marquis Hill (trumpet instructor, co-director combo, counselor)
Marybeth Kurnat (saxophone instructor, counselor)
Bernard Long, Jr. (percussion instructor, director Latin Jazz Combo, counselor)
Christopher McBride (saxophone instructor, combo director, counselor)
Scott Mertens (combo director, piano instructor)
Wesley Morgan (bass instructor, counselor)

 Theatre Arts Camp

NATHAN WYMAN (camp director)
Instructors and Counselors
Christine Fuchs 
Hannah Gilbert
Joel Moses 
Alice Pacyga

Visual Arts Camp

LYNN STOCKTON (camp director and co-instructor, Acrylic Painting)
Brandon Barber (instructor, Acrylic Portraiture, counselor)
Weston Beeler (instructor, printmaking)
Lisa Doll (instructor, Mixed Media)
Brian Hierstein (instructor, sculpture, 2-D/3-D Material Rediscovery, counselor)
Joshua Johnson (instructor, Printmaking)
Bjana Lunde (instructor, Self Portrait and Drawing Studies, counselor)
April Macantagay (instructor, 3-D Experience, counselor)
Courtney McManus (co-instructor, Acrylic Painting, counselor)
Frank Matas (instructor, Acrylic Painting)
Becki Miller (co-instructor, Drawing Realism, counselor)
Shauna Ubersox (co-instructor, Drawing Realism, counselor)
Elizabeth Woodyatt (instructor, Abstraction with Oil Pastel)