Regional Credit Courses


Online Courses/Art History

Fall 2014 and Spring 2015
The art history faculty have revised the Art History curriculum for the School of Art. ARTH 282 and ARTH 292 have been resdesigned; ARTH 291 is no longer offered.  In  Fall 2014 and Spring 2015, two online sections of ARTH282 and one online section of ARTH292 are offered. Both satisfy the General Education Distributive Studies Area Requirement in the Humanities and the Arts and both are required for all students in the NIU School of Art.

ARTH 282: Introduction to World Art

Instructor: Isabelle Sabau
Fall:  Begins the week of August 25 and ends the week of December 1
Spring:  Begins the week of January 12 and ends the week of May 4

This course provides an introduction to the ways in which human civilization has imagined itself and expressed its vision of the world over time and in different cultural contexts across the globe. Students consider how these arts continue to be interpreted by contemporary scholars and audiences.  

Required textbook:  PREBLES’ ARTFORMS by Patrick Frank, 10th edition, Pearson Education Inc, Prentice Hall, 2011m ISBN 9780205797530

ARTH 292:  Art and Design Since 1900
Instructor: Isabelle Sabau
Fall:  Begins the week of August 25 and ends the week of December 1
Spring:  Begins the week of January 12 and ends the week of May 4

This course is a wide-ranging survey of artworks and practices that have challenged the artistic status quo while responding to the diverse economic, political, and social contexts of the recent past and present.

Required textbook:  HISTORY OF MODERN ART by Arnason, ISBN 9780205259472


At NIU Hoffman Estates

Drawing and Painting Studio Critique - Spring 2015
ARTS 620, ARTS 623, ARTS 720, ARTS 723, ART 490, ART 690
Instructor: Billie Giese
Wednesdays, 6 - 8:45 pm. Class begins January 28 and ends May 6
Geared to individual student needs, this class focuses on providing critique for work produced at the students' home studio.  Every student is expected to produce a portfolio of work which is reviewed in class by both the instructor and classmates at least seven times during the semester.  Students learn to write an artist's statement.  This class will be of interest to classroom art teachers at all grade levels, post-graduate art students who are working on a master's degree in art education, and artists interested in working on their portfolios or improving their work.  Examples of Professor Giese's work can be found at

At NIU Naperville

Topics in Art: Authentic and Alternative Practices in Asian Art - Spring 2015
ART 489 and 689
Instructor: Shei-chau Wang
Tuesdays, 6 - 8:45 pm., Class begins January 27 and ends May 5
Students learn the cultural contexts and practices of ink paintings, calligraphy, and the tea ceremony in East Asia and puppetry, batik, and woodcarving in Southeast Asia. The structure of the course includes studio-based demonstrations, presentations, and critiques in class and self-managed studio practice assignments outside class. The class fosters an understanding of such traditions through the process of media selection/preparation, setup, production, and presentation and will help students communicate the material to their own students.

Art + Technology: Integrating Emerging Technology in Art Curriculum - Spring 2015
ART 680 and ARTE 683
Instructor: Steve Ciampaglia
Mondays, 6 - 8:40 pm., Class begins January 26 and ends May 4
This course is designed to help in-service teachers, pre-service teachers, and teaching assistants bridge the gulf between old and new by highlighting the connections between emerging technologies, contemporary art practices, and classroom art instruction. We will examine ways that contemporary artists integrate emerging technologies in their art practices, and see how this integration can be adapted for use in K-12 art classrooms and aligns with the Common Core Standards.