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Fall 2016 

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August 23 – November 18, 2016

Kaleidoscope of Burmese Art:
Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Center for Burma Studies

The series of exhibitions celebrates 30 years of The Center for Burma Studies highlighting the most iconic pieces from the Burma Art Collection at NIU reflecting Burmese art of the past and present and gives new perspective and focus to the array of multi-ethnic art produced in Burma/Myanmar. As a prism or kaleidoscope, this collection-based exhibition series explores Burmese Art from different perspectives and dives into a series of small, thematic presentations around the hidden treasures and masterpieces.

Journey Through Burmese Art is conceived as a tour through the Burma Art Collection, where visitors discover a long, fascinating, and varied textile tradition; expressions of Buddhism as practiced in ancient and modern Burma/Myanmar; traditional decorative design prior to and after the colonial period; and the luxurious use of lacquer in ceremonial court and daily life of this land.
South Gallery

Masterpieces from the Burma Art Collection at NIU is a selection of the most iconic artifacts at the heart and core of the Burma Art Collection including some of the founding pieces which were gifts from Konrad and Sarah Bekker. Konrad was a U.S. diplomat in Burma from 1958-1961 prior to the military regime; Sarah was the art lover and collector, and a founding member of the Center for Burma Studies.
North Gallery

From Tradition to Modernity:
Art from Myanmar as Viewed by Contemporary Burmese Artists
presents recent paintings by Burmese artists on loan from the Thukhuma Collection in Hong Kong that reflect tradition as well as change - embracing a move toward modernity in the forms and influences of new media while continuing to reference traditional Burmese subjects. 
Rotunda Gallery

Donors and Collectors: A Legacy is a selection of objects from the Burma Art Collection celebrating a long history of donations by America citizens who have lived in Burma/Myanmar.
Hall Case Gallery

Lecture by curator Catherine Raymond, Altgeld Hall 315, 5 p.m.
Public reception 5:30-7 p.m.
Thursday, September 8

Images top to bottom:Installation view of Masterpieces from the Burma Art Collection at NIU; Silver Betel Box, Yangon, Burma Art Collection, Gift of John Lacey.; Bilu, Myanmar, Carved wood, lacquer, mirror inlay, (35 x 12 x 18 in.) Burma Art Collection, Gift of Konrad and Sarah Bekker.; Aung Khaing, Htibyusaung Medaw Nat, 2014, Acrylic on canvas. (24 x 18 in.) On loan from the Thukhuma Collection.



Kaleidoscope Installation

Silver Betel Box


Hitbyusaung Medaw Nat