Supporting The Anthropology Museum

Your gifts allow us to continue serving NIU students and the community!

Small sums and large sums are equally helpful. Any donations aid the museum in carrying out its mission and continue to exhibit artifacts. 

Looking for examples of some of the many ways your contribution makes a difference to the Museum?

  • $25 will allow us to print 50 color flyers
  • $50-$100 will cover the cost of educational materials for visiting school groups or buy much needed materials to properly rehouse artifacts.
  • $250 will supply the museum with an Artifact Emergency Preparedness and Recovery Kit.
  • $500-$1000 would employ one student for a semester project cataloging artifacts or digitizing part of the collection for an online collections database.
  • $3000-$5000 would supply the museum with a much needed exhibit case or an upgraded storage cabinet to better take care of our artifacts.



Please make checks payable to The Anthropology Museum, NIU Foundation and mail it to:

      The Anthropology Museum
      Department of Anthropology
      Northern Illinois University
      DeKalb, IL 60115

If you have any questions about other ways to support the Museum, please call the Anthropology Museum at 815-753-2520.

You may also call the NIU Foundation to discuss opportunities for gift giving to the Museum at 815-753-0782.



Volunteer Services and Gifts In Kind

We welcome volunteers of all ages! We request that volunteers decide on a schedule and come on a regular basis. This may be once a week or once a month, whatever fits their life best.

We welcome volunteers to assist in such projects as cataloging and inventorying, creating artifact condition reports, or acting as docents.

Please give us a call if you are interested in giving of your time!



We also graciously accept gifts in kind. If you or your business is interested in donating goods or services to the museum, please contact our Interim Director, Sara Pfannkuche at 815-753-2520.



Thank you for supporting The Anthropology Museum!