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Jennifer Kirker Priest Jennifer Kirker Priest, Director

Jennifer Kirker-Priest loves being the Director of the James B. and Rosalyn L Pick Museum of Anthropology at Northern Illinois University and faculty in the interdisciplinary Museum Studies Graduate Certificate program.  She studied Anthropology at the University of California at Santa Barbara and the Pennsylvania State University where she followed a passion for Mesoamerican archaeology. She still remembers the excitement of finding that first pot sherd, that first evidence of ancient human occupation, and the awe that comes with such a discovery. Jennifer hopes to give every visitor to the Museum a sense of that awe and discovery as they learn more about anthropology and cultural diversity.   

Laura McDowell Hopper

Laura McDowell Hopper, Curator

Laura McDowell Hopper can’t wait to get to work every morning. As Curator of the James B. and Rosalyn L Pick Museum of Anthropology at Northern Illinois University, she gets to spend her days caring for the museum’s collection, creating exhibits, and sharing her passion for museums with NIU students.   She earned a master’s degree in Public History from Loyola University Chicago and a bachelor’s in History Specializing in Museum Studies from Michigan State University.  Laura believes that objects have multiple stories to tell and strives to bring those stories to life for the museum’s visitors.
Rachel Drochter Rachel Drochter, Research Assistant

Rachel Drochter is thrilled to be working in her dream job as the Research Assistant for the Pick Museum of Anthropology. She received her Master's degree from Department of Anthropology and has been involved in the Museum in various capacities since coming to NIU in 2011. As a longtime advocate and proud staff member at the Museum, Rachel strives to fulfill the Museum's mission by contributing to dynamic learning opportunities that foster curiosity in human diversity and inspire meaningful dialogue on social justice issues.
Steve Jankiewicz, Graduate Assistant
Museum Executive Advisory Board:
Richard Cooler, Carmen Cordogan, John Maniatis, Scot Scraupfnagel, Trude Jacobsen, Kerry Sagebiel, Dana Stover, Kendall Thu, and Student Representative Katy Voight