Graduate Program


Graduate Program

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The Department of Anthropology offers graduate courses and research opportunities leading to the M.A. degree. Graduate work in this field is designed to prepare students for teaching or research in anthropology and for advanced study.

Program Information

Master of Arts in Anthropology Degree Requirements [here]
Graduate Colloquium [here]
Applying for Financial Aid [here]
Teacher Certification - Anthropology [here]
Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies [here]
Applied Anthropology Certificate [here]
Anthropology Handbook [here]
2 year MA Timeline Plan - [here]
Search Alumni Thesis - [here]
Anthropology Graduate Student Council - [here]

Future Graduate Students

  • How to Apply
    • Apply to Northern Illinois Graduate School [here]
    • The deadline for applying for fall admission is MARCH 1.
    • The deadline for applying for spring admission is OCTOBER 1.
    • GRE Guide [here]
    • In addition to the basic requirements, applicants may wish to submit (please submit directly to the Anthropology department):
      1. A Writing Sample
      2. A CV
    • If you wish to be considered for a teaching assistantship in the Department of Anthropology, you must submit an application by the deadline.
    • Submit your complete assistantship application [here] directly to the graduate secretary of the anthropology department.

Current Graduate Students

  • Graduate Assistants - [here
  • Course Descriptions - [here]
  • Course REgistration - [here]

  • Graduate Program of Study - [here]
  • Graduate School Information [here]
  • Request for Certificate of Graduate Study [here]
  • Thesis Critical Dates and Deadlines [here]
  • Format for Thesis Proposals [here]
  • Thesis Guidelines [here]
  • Sample Thesis Cover PAge [here]
  • ProQuest Thesis [here]
  • Founders Library [here]
  • Forms Page (Thesis Forms, etc) [here]
  • Assistantships Renewal Applications [here]
  • Assistantships Applications [here]

  • Internship Information [here]
  • Travel Grants [here]
  • Need Help Getting Funding? [here]

Qualifying and Comprehensive Exam Dates

  • Sign-up in the Anthropology office, Grant Tower South 501 
  • ***You must be enrolled in classes the semester you take the qualifying or comprehensive exams***
    • Physical -
      • Fall - Early November
      • Spring - Comprehensive - First Friday after spring break
      • Spring - Qualifying - First Monday after finals
    • Cultural
      • Fall - Mid September
      • Spring - Mid February
    • Linguistics
      • Fall - Mid September
      • Spring - Mid February
    • Archaeology
      • Fall - Early November
      • Spring - March First Friday after spring Break.