About Us


International Student and Faculty Office

The primary responsibility of the staff of the International Student and Faculty Office (ISFO) is to advise international students and faculty on ways to succeed academically, socially, and culturally at Northern Illinois University. We work to keep you informed regarding the Federal Regulations pertaining to your status as non-immigrants in the United States (in F, J, or H status); we are here to answer your questions about the Regulations and to assist you in understanding your options. Staff also provides guidance regarding adjusting to a new culture and managing the new academic environment of the United States. We support various educational, social, and cultural programming for international students. We are here to listen to your questions and concerns, to help you find answers, and to refer you to the best sources of right information.

Our goal is to provide needed support at the beginning stage of your educational career at NIU, and then to help you learn to independently and successfully function at NIU and in the United States.

Mission Statement

ISFO is dedicated to facilitating, advising, and guiding international students, scholars, faculty, and staff as they engage with NIU in the pursuit of their goals.  ISFO provides services and support conducive to infusing global learning and experiences throughout the NIU campus Community.