Online Financial Forms


NIU Financial Management System Forms

Below are business forms for submission of financial transactions to the Financial Management System. These are Excel and Word files. View directions about downloading and saving online forms.

Accounting Forms

Credit Card Journal  (XLS) Rev. 07/14/08

Interagency Journal  (XLS)
Rev. 07/24/07
-- Instructions (DOC)

Interdepartmental Sales Journal  (XLS)
Rev. 02/09/07
-- Instructions (XLS)

Journal Entry - Long (XLS)
Rev. 02/09/07

Journal Entry - Short (XLS)
Rev. 02/09/07

Payroll Transfer Journal  (XLS)
Rev. 06/12/07
-- Instructions (DOC)

Scholarship Form (XLS)
Rev. 08/18/17

Scholarship Form - Foundation (XLSX)
Rev. 02/18/16

Accounts Receivable/Student Loans

Add Customer  (XLS)
Rev. 02/12/07

Customer Invoice  (XLS)
Rev. 04/24/07

Budget Office Forms

Temporary budget transfer form (XLS)

Base/permanent budget transfer form (XLS)

Cost Center Information (XLS)
Rev. 06/23/16

Foundation Support (Fund 55) Budget Transfer  (XLS)
Rev. 07/20/07

-- Instructions (DOC)