Matching exercise

Which transition would you use to convey the meaning in left column? Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
This book is a great resource on ancient civilizations. _______ , the reason I particularly like this book is that it presents a factual account of events.
I realize that she may have done things in the past that she is not proud of. _______, she is my best friend.
Good attendance record will play a role in the course grade. _______, classroom participation will count as well.
She is an excellent student; _______, she may not be the right candidate for the Student Council.
The school is dedicated to promoting diversity on campus. _______, the last discussion centered on establishing grants that would support programs which promote diversity and equity.
He did not attend conferences this year. _______, he decided to stay at the university and focus more on research.
_______, this conference has been a success.
_______ that the project was completed on time, I cannot say that it is the best project I have ever done.
_______, transitions are necessary to keep the flow of thought smooth from one sentence to the next.