Foreign Language Residence Program

Can’t afford study abroad yet, but want to experience immersion in a world language? Want to increase your language fluency? Would you like to get one-credit hour a semester for the experience? Then you should join the Foreign Language Residence Program. This unique experience will enhance your language ability, form life-long friendships, and create a marketable candidate in today’s competitive labor market.  

The Foreign Language Residence Program (FLRP) is a language-immersion Special Interest Community. Participants live with native speakers in Stevenson C Tower, eat dinners together, participate in a weekly language night, go on cultural excursions, spend a weekend at NIU’s beautiful Loredo Taft Campus and much more. What’s more, participants can receive 1 credit per semester for FLAL 410 Small Group Study in Foreign Languages.

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FLRP Study Abroad Fund

FLRP-Alumn Ralph Strozza presents the Interpro Scholarship to current FLRP participant Devin Smith

Current Native Speakers

  • Akouvi Sedo (French)
  • Erin Hernandez (Spanish)
  • Eucario Matos (Spanish)
  • Tetsuya Nishiyama (Japanese)
  • Wenwei Liu (Chinese)


Concepcion Gliesman, coordinator
Foreign Language Residence Program
Northern Illinois University
Watson Hall 121