Debra Currere

I earned both my M.A. and B.A. from NIU. I suppose, once a Huskie, always a Huskie. My teaching background is, well, let's say eclectic. I have taught Spanish at Rock Valley College, Rockford College, Rockford University, and Blackhawk Technical College. The eclectic part lies outside of college classes. I have enjoyed the challenges of bringing Spanish skills to the community. A partial list of some interesting courses I have taught would include Spanish for medical professionals (one specifically for anesthesiologists), Spanish for government agencies and Spanish for business (for companies that needed Spanish skills to facilitate exportation or to communicate with Spanish-speaking employees). Of course to create meaningful curricula for these courses, I had to learn the manufacturing processes of cutting tools, construction materials, food products, the language needs of social workers, public defenders, law enforcement, emergency management personnel and many more. Can you say "router bit" in Spanish? I can.

I began teaching at NIU as a teaching assistant. I spent only a little more than a year in graduate school, so my TA career was only two semesters. During that time I wrote my master's thesis entitled "Living on the Edge: A Study of Marginality and Criminality of Las Novelas Ejemplares," which explores the symbiotic and causal relationship between criminals and the dominant culture of Cervantes' Spain. Yes, I am a Cervantes fan.

During my time here, I created and piloted the online program for the Basic Spanish Language Program and Spanish Healthcare for Professionals. As our student population changes and the world along with them, we stay current and relevant with technological innovations and new course offerings. And besides, I love a new project!

It's been wonderful teaching here at my alma mater. I always said that when it stopped being fun, I would find something else to do. Ten years later and I am still here.

Office: WH 301


M.A., Northern Illinois University, Spanish language and literature
B.A., Northern Illinois University, Spanish business and translation

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