Mary Lee Cozad

Research Interests

My first interest in a foreign language was Latin during high school. I seemed to have a knack for deciphering the language code, and I subsequently took French, Spanish and Italian, as well as continuing to study Latin as an undergraduate. During graduate school I was divided between specializing in Latin American studies and Spanish studies but decided to pursue a specialty in Spanish and Romance languages. I eventually focused on 16th-century Spain, especially the Petrarchian poets. I enjoy teaching and promoting educational activism, but I am looking forward to dedicating more time to research.

Current Interests

  • Influence of the Greek classics on 16th century Spanish literature
  • The relationship between 16th century poetry and other arts of the time
  • The aphorism of "the ignorant and persistent man" in 16th century Spain

Selected Publications

  • "Cervantes and Libros de entendimiento." Cervantes 8 (1988), 159-182.
  • "A Platonic-Aristotelian Linguistic Controversy of the Spanish Golden Age." in Florilegium Hispanicum. Studies in Honor of Dorothy Clotelle Clarke. Edited by John Geary (Madison: University of Wisonsin Press, 1982), 205-227. Favorably reviewed by Michael T. Ward in Hispanic Review 53 (1985), 364-365.
  • "Los Prologos de Rubén Dario. Estudio bibliogrà fico, Thesaurus." Boletín del Instituto Caro y Cuervo 29 (1974), 457-488.

Assistant Professor
Office: WH 116
P: 815-753-6447


Ph.D., UC Berkeley, Romance languages and literatures (with a specialty in Spanish and the Golden Age)

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