Shondra Loggins Clay

Shondra Loggins Clay

Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Health Professions

Shondra Loggins ClayShondra Loggins Clay, an assistant professor in interdisciplinary health professions, was a student herself when she decided on her research path. A professor presented statistics about health disparities. “What really stuck out to me were the stats of African-American women and infant mortality. I wanted to figure out why there is a disparity for African-American women compared to other groups,” she said.

Clay, a Chicago native, started pursuing medical degree until the McNair Scholars Program opened her eyes to obtaining a doctorate degree and she changed her path.

Here at NIU, Clay teaches health sciences, and enjoys working with the students here. “As I’m motivating them, they are motivating me,” Clay said. Though she’s been at NIU under a year, she’s already built strong relationships with students here. “NIU students are great and very engaged,” she added.

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