Web Communication Tools

6.1 Social Media

All online social media campaigns should follow NIU's official Social Media Policy.

Content posted on social media outlets, such as news updates or events, should not be duplicated in Cascade.

6.2 Google Analytics

NIU uses Google Analytics to track its web data. Page managers or stakeholders may request monthly reports by submitting a request form to the Office of Web and Internal Communications.

If a college, division or department has a unique Google Analytics account ID, they must grant administrative access to Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications. Before a web property with a unique account ID converts to the newest NIU templates, the page manager must alert Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications and/or DoIT so that the unique tracking code is implemented.

6.3 Go URLs

Go.NIU is a URL shortener similar to TinyURL or Bitly. It can be used for any niu.edu (or niutoday.info) URL to shorten the URL and provide a stable reference for print materials.

To create a new Go URL:

  1. Log in with your NIU authentication.
  2. Paste or type the full URL you wish to shorten into the field.
  3. Select "More Options" (optional) to create a custom alias or tie the URL to a Google campaign.

To modify an existing Go URL*:

  1. Log in with your NIU authentication.
  2. In the left-navigation menu, select "Manage My Go.NIU URLs."
  3. Select "Edit" or "Delete" next to the URL you wish to modify.

Tracking your traffic:

You can add parameters to your URL to tag a specific Google Analytics marketing campaign. When users click on your URL or enter your short URL into a browser, your traffic will be recorded in the Google Analytics Acquisition > Campaigns report. Campaign, Source and Medium are required fields.

*You will only be able to modify Go URLs that you've created. For URLs you did not create, contact the Office of Web and Internal Communications for support.

6.4 Mobile Apps

NIU Mobile is the university's official mobile app and is strategically managed by the Division of Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications and developed by DoIT. Requests for module development in NIU Mobile should be submitted to NIUMobile@niu.edu for consideration.

Any apps using the NIU or Northern Illinois University name or branding must be approved by Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications prior to being developed and submitted to mobile app stores.

Repurposing of data or content – both static and real-time – from any NIU website, or which is otherwise owned or controlled by NIU, through a mobile application is prohibited without prior written consent from the authorized university department or official that owns or controls the original data or content. The written consent should address: 1) the period of time for which the consent applies; 2) how recognition of the data/content owner(s) will be provided in the app; 3) whether there is an obligation on the part of the data owner to provide notification of a change to the data or the mechanism through which it is shared and 4) who is responsible for the accuracy of the repurposed data or content.

Unauthorized use of data or content by a mobile application is monitored by and should be reported to Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications. Apps found in violation of this policy will be reported to the appropriate app store(s) as cause for removal. The university reserves the right to take any additional actions it deems necessary in furtherance of the protection of its data, content, intellectual property or other university interests (NIU Information Security Procedures).

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