NIU Branding

2.1 NIU Brand Standards Updated

To present a consistent, unified image and reinforce NIU's branding and marketing initiatives, all division, college, school, department and special information web properties must clearly identify their relationship with the university.

Web properties must adhere to NIU's Communication Standards for Institutional Brand Identity.

To ensure compliance with brand standards, outward-facing documents uploaded to an NIU website must first be reviewed by the Clearinghouse. This pertains particularly to documents intended for a large audience with available access over an extended period of time. Exceptions for temporary or limited-audience documents can be granted by the associate director for Brand and Institutional Identity or associate director for Web and Internal Communications.

2.2 Use of NIU Logos and Trademarks

NIU Logo
Figure 1. NIU Logo

All NIU websites should include the following elements, which are included in NIU's standard templates:

  • The NIU logo, implemented according to the university's graphic standards.
  • The logo must link back to the NIU homepage (
  • Copyright information as follows: © 2xxx Board of Trustees of Northern Illinois University. All rights reserved.
  • The full name of the university – Northern Illinois University – must appear somewhere on every web page.

Use of the Huskie Athletics logo on sites other than is prohibited without written consent from Intercollegiate Athletics, or its designee.

No university trademarks may be altered or manipulated in any way or merged with or placed directly against any other logo.

2.3 Use of Third-Party Advertising and Logos

As a .edu domain, third-party advertising is prohibited on NIU's website. Only Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications may grant an exception.

Event sponsorship logos are permitted after being cleared by Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications and must be taken down once the event/sponsorship has ended. A third-party logo must be supplied by the sponsor and must be a high-quality image. Low quality or unofficial logos will be removed.

If a partnership exists between a third-party and NIU, a link (not a logo) may be placed on the NIU website. If the partnership is terminated, the link must be removed.

If the use of a third-party logo is required for contractual or accreditation purposes, contact the Web Team at for assistance in placing them on your site.

2.4 Banners

Sub-branded banners on NIU websites must comply with brand standards and should be approved by University Marketing.

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