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Electromyography (EMG)

An EMG device monitors muscle activities to evaluate muscular loads, calculate muscle forces and evaluate muscle fatigue. We have an 8-channel wired system and an 8-channel wireless system.


Electro-goniometers measure three-dimensional joint angles of the human body.

Force Transduction

Force transducers record three-dimensional external forces, torques and center of pressure. We have a multi-axis load cell and a ground reaction force plate.

Optical Motion Capture

An optical motion capture system precisely tracks human movements in three-dimensional space. We currently have six motion capture cameras.

3-D static Static Strength Prediction Program

3DSSPP primarily estimates the static strength requirements and lumbar spinal loads for occupational tasks.

AnyBody Technology

The AnyBody modeling system estimates the muscle force, joint force reactions and torques of the human body.


The Visual3D calculates the 3-dimensional kinematics (joint angles, velocity, accelerations, etc) and kinetics (joint force, moment, etc) of the human body.

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Jaejin Hwang, Ph.D.
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