Workshops - NIU - WAC


WAC Workshops 

These sample workshops at NIU, high schools, and even business offer faculty and other participants effective strategies in teaching writing. Workshops can be designed for a number of specific purposes and instructional concerns. Contact for further information.

  • Business

      1. Seven Ways to Assess
      2. Assign in Stages
      3. Informal Writing
      4. Portfolios
      5. Transition to Business
      6. International Business Project
      7. Airfare Project
  • Graduate Instructors in Various Disciplines

      1. Responding Effectively to Student Writing
      2. Writing as an Alternative to Lectures
      3. Job Applications and Resumes-Some Cultural Differences
      4. Dealing with Confessional Writing
      5. Teaching Inclusively
  • Local Businesses

      1. Woods Equipment Company Editing Workshop
      2. Checklists for Editing Longer Company Documents
  • New Ideas Conference for High School Teachers

      1. New Ideas: 2000 How to Encourage Good Writing in All Subject Areas
      2. New Ideas: 2003 Articulation between High Schools and NIU
      3. New Ideas: Grammar, Good Writing, and Classroom Management
  • Nursing

      1. Motivating Students to Revise through Effective Response
      2. Designing Assignments Aligned for the SON Level Objectives
      3. How to Design Effective Short Assignments
      4. More Ways to Design Short Assignments
  • Rockford Schools

      1. Reading and Writing across the Curriculum
      2. Jefferson High School: What Is WAC?
      3. High School Retreat: More Ideas in WAC
      4. A Potpouri of Informal Writing Activities
      5. PALS Workshop: Teach Critical Thinking through Writing
      6. PALS Workshop: Strategies for Writing about Reading in All Subject Areas
      7. Digital Activities
  • Teaching Licensure

      1. Building a Library with Student Authors
  • General Faculty

      1. Effective Design and Evaluation of Writing Assignments
      2. Information on Portfolio Assessment
      3. Multicultural Transformation Institute: Cultural Rhetorics
      4. Preventing Plagiarism
      5. Writing Assignments for UNIV 101/201