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University Writing Center

University Writing Center

Research confirms the link between student retention and a strong writing center. Faculty who effectively integrate writing into their their teaching style also know the value of a partnership with their institution's writing center.

The NIU Writing Center in Stevenson South, Lower Level, is everyone's best friend in helping undergraduates, graduate students, and even faculty to develop drafts into quality writing. Writing Center staff all emphasize the importance of revision on two levels:

Higher-Order Concerns:

  • Addressing the assignment
  • Developing a thesis
  • Supporting arguments
  • Demonstrating appropriate levels of critical thinking
  • Organizing logically
  • Showing awareness of the reader(s)

Later-Order Concerns:

  • Checking punctuation
  • Correcting spelling
  • Completing sentences
  • Revising word order
  • Improving grammar
  • Citing Sources

Call the Writing Center at 753-6636 or click on the following link: