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Writing Across the Curriculum at NIU: Newsletter

The WAC newsletter at NIU was distributed to all university faculty approximately once a semester, 1999-2012. It highlighted best practices—often noting how faculty who participated in WAC workshops were putting into practice what they learned. Click on links for pdf files of original issues.

  • April 2012--WAC Survey; ENGL 250 (WAC course); UWC services; workshop; University Writing Project 
  • April 2008—Workshop; UWC services; professionalizing grads; ESL errors; writing tutorial
  • April 2007—Workshop; UWC services
  • November 2006—TA workshop, electronic portfolios; gen ed assessment
  • March 2006—Helping students avoid plagiarism; plagiarism-proofing assignments; why students plagiarize
  • November 2005—UWC reminders; high school WAC project
  • October 2005—Help with assignments; critical thinking: approaches, student outcomes, sources 
  • April 2005—Reflection in research, in drafting, during tutoring, post-assignment, in portfolios
  • February 2005—Portfolio conference; workplace writing; guiding; citation; key words; assignment cues
  • April 2004—Best practices in WAC; defining WAC
  • April 2003—UWC services; workshop; national plagiarism statement; real-world writing
  • November 2003—Editing for format, persuasive elements, organization, grammar, documentation 
  • March 2002—WAC grants; economics term paper in stages; term paper rubric; nursing portfolio
  • November 2002—Faculty support; University Writing Center opens; Internet sources; UWC services 
  • November 2001—Drafts, grammar, take-home essays, revison, rubric design, peer editing 
  • October 2001—Criteria for gen ed review; writing in the major; assessing drafting skills; peer review
  • April 2001—Course for tutors; WAC grant recipients; grading; writing in math 
  • March 2001—Reading improvement; reading-writing connection; assessment in nursing; high school WAC
  • November 2000—Consultant-evaluators; assessment; big classes; primary traits; art/career planning
  • October 2000—Written comments; conferences in history; style and grammar; clarifying expectations
  • April 2000—WAC grant recipient; essay exams and tips; business writing in big classes
  • February 2000—Grant workshop; WAC defined; consultants; museum of the mind; tech and business tips
  • December 1999—Assignment variables; assignment design; advisory board; POLS 285; MKTG 443
  • October 1999—Write to learn; SOCI 473 and WAC assistance; writing in history; business workshops