Write Well Publish More Workshop

Write Well, Publish More Workshop

Each May, Writing Across the Curriculum teams up with the Office of Faculty Development and Instructional Design to offer a daylong workshop that focuses on faculty concerns about continuing a productive program in scholarly publishing. This popular workshop centers on four research-based premises:

  1. Each writer has an individually unique process.
  2. A writer can improve her process by becoming more cognizent of it.
  3. A writer can become more prolific by setting a daily schedule.
  4. A writer can benefit significantly from interaction with other writers.

Faculty receive a copy of Elizabeth Rankin's The Work of Writing. They get the opportunity to participate in activities that help them:

  • Improve their writing habits
  • Consider an array of publishing opportunities
  • Determine where to publish and how to get funding
  • Prioritize on the kinds of publishing their discipline values most
  • Become better self-editors
  • Form faculty "writing circles"
  • Make the best use of feedback from colleagues and editors

Watch your email from Faculty Development and Instructional Design for the April notice to register. Make your summer more productive by attending this workshop and getting yourself ready to put your project into print.

Click here to see a sample workshop schedule.