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The NIU Writing Consultants Handbook


It is important to get started in the right way. If consultants follow the suggestions listed here, they will begin to build the relationships requisite to a successful practice.

  • Show enthusiasm for the consulting program and attempt to get faculty members interested in writing.
  • Contribute to the many facets of consulting: researching, tutoring, and working as a partner in the hosting department.
  • Maintain a professional and courteous attitude when dealing with students and faculty members.
  • Actively seek to learn the vocabulary and rhetorical practices in the hosting department.
  • Announce the service using posters and memos at the beginning of the term and consistently encourage faculty members to promote the program throughout the term.
  • Maintain a log of experiences to help document the overall progress of the WAC movement.
  • Request copies of student writing samples for compilation into a reference file.
  • Notify staff members in the English department and the hosting department of the location, hours, and telephone number of the consulting office.

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