Gutenberg Exchange Lesson Eight: Adjective Clusters
Computer Literacy Objectives: In this lesson you will review copy and paste functions and word processing.

Writing Objectives: You will learn how to create and identify adjective clusters.


  1. Review verb clusters and noun clusters.
  2. Go to an introduction to adjective clusters, and study it carefully.
  3. Leaving Netscape open, activate WordPerfect or Word and open a new document.
  4. Come back to this Netscape page and link to Amazon Stranger by Mike Tidwell.
  5. Read through the chapter, copying the first nine sentences that contain adjective clusters one at a time into your word processor document.
  6. Bold face the adjective clusters.
  7. Put your name on this document, print it, save it, and hand it in.
  8. Compare your findings with those that I found by going to Tidwell's use of adjective clusters. Notice that the sentences have parenthesis behind various free modifiers with the names of the free modifiers in them. Pay attention to these: they will help you review and they will introduce you to upcoming concepts.
  9. Copy and paste sentences number 4, 6, and 9 to a new word processor document.
  10. After each of these sentences, type in one of your own making that follows the pattern. See sample page, which shows imitations of two of the other sentences from the same page.
  11. Put your name on the document, print it, save it, and hand it in.
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