Gutenberg Exchange Lesson Seven: Noun Clusters
Computer Literacy Objectives: In this lesson you will review copy and paste functions and word processing.

Writing Objectives: You will learn how to create and identify noun clusters.

In this lesson, you will go to a professionally written text on the WWW, you will select sentences that contain noun clusters, and you will copy and paste them into a word processing document, which you will then print off and hand in.


  1. Review verb clusters and copy and paste operations.
  2. Go to an introduction to noun clusters, and study it carefully.
  3. Leaving Netscape open, activate WordPerfect or Word and open a new document.
  4. Come back to this Netscape page and link to Beyond Black and White: Transforming African-American Politics by Manning Marable.
  5. Scan down through the text until you find a sentence that contains a noun cluster. When you find one,
    • highlight it by clicking and dragging the cursor across the sentence;
    • go to the edit option at the top of the page and select the "copy."
    • toggle to WordPerfect or Word, click the cursor into the new document, and then activate the edit option at the top of the page, selecting "paste" from the drop-down menu. The sentence you highlighted in Marable's text should now be in your word processing document.
  6. Go back to Beyond Black and White. Go through the same process as above until you have copied the first seven sentences containing noun clusters into the word processor document.
  7. When you have copied these seven sentences, edit the word processor text, putting numbers before each sentence and boldfacing the noun clusters.
  8. Return to an introduction to noun clusters, and copy and paste one of the two model paragraphs at the bottom of the page into your word processor document, restore the boldfacing, and imitate the paragraph, boldfacing your noun clusters.
  9. Now, go to Guide for citing online texts, and find directions for citing your source.
  10. Cite Marable's work after the first seven sentences and before the model and imitated paragraphs, using the instructions you find at the site in the step above.
  11. After proofing your text, make sure your name is on it, print it, save it to disk, and hand the hard copy in to your teacher.
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