Gutenberg Exchange Lesson Six: Verb Clusters
Computer Literacy Objectives: In this lesson you will get more experience with using E-mail and with copy and paste.

Writing Objectives: You will learn how to create and identify verb clusters.

In this lesson, you will go to a professionally written text on the WWW, you will select sentences that contain verb clusters from the first few paragraphs, and you will copy and paste each sentence into Eudora, an E-mail program, and send the document to your teacher. If Eudora isn't working in your lab, do the exercise by telneting to your E-mail account as in the last lesson.


  1. Review subordinate clauses and copy and paste operations.
  2. Go to an introduction to verb clusters, and study it carefully.
  3. Leaving Netscape open, activate Eudora. It should be in your Netscape or telecommunications window.
  4. Start a new message in Eudora by clicking on the "Message" option and selecting a new message or by clicking on the new-message icon (two sheets of paper).
  5. Put your teacher's address in the "To:" line, your address in both the "From:" and "Cc:" lines (use the "Tab" key to move from line to line and on into the text space below the horizontal line).
  6. Come back to this Netscape page and link to Amazon Stranger by Mike Tidwell.
  7. Scan down through the text until you find a sentence that contains a verb cluster. When you find one,
    • highlight it by clicking and dragging the cursor across the sentence;
    • go to the edit option at the top of the page and select the "copy" option in the drop-down window;
    • toggle to Eudora, click the cursor into the text space below the horizontal line, and then activate the edit option at the top of the page, selecting "paste" from the drop-down menu. The sentence you highlighted in Tidwell's text should now be in Eudora.
  8. Go back to Amazon Stranger. Go through the same process as above until you have copied the first six sentences containing verb clusters into Eudora.
  9. When you have these six sentences in Eudora, edit the Eudora text, putting numbers before each sentence, highlighting the verb clusters, and pointing to the -ing verbs.
    • To highlight in E-mail, you put two underline marks before and after the passage you wish to highlight, like this:

      __Trying to explain highlighting,__ I decided to give an example.

    • To point to something you use the upper-case 6 (^) on the line below the the word(s) you wish to point to:

      __Trying to explain highlighting,__ I decided to give an example,
      like this one.

      Notice that there ends up being a mostly blank line under the line in which you point to something.

  10. Now, go to Guide for citing online texts, and find directions for citing your source. If the link won't work, you can see the set of instructions at a brief guide for citing web pages.
  11. Cite Tidwell's work at the bottom of your Eudora text, using the instructions you find at the site in the step above.
  12. After proofing your text, send it to your teacher by clicking on the send button.
  13. Later this week, activate Eudora and check your mail. A copy of the message you sent should be in your mail box if you put your address in the Cc: line.
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