Gutenberg Exchange Lesson Two: Word Processing and Sentence Combining
You need a formatted disk for this lesson.
Computer Literacy Objectives: In this lesson you will learn how to move from web-browsing software to word processing software, and you will learn how to open, type, spellcheck, save, and print a word processing document.

Writing Objectives: You will develop a sense of the importance of making sentences flow from one to the other gracefully by rewriting a short story.

  1. If you haven't done so yet, register your student ID and activate your E-Mail account. You do that by clicking on Student Access to NIU Computer and Telecommunications Facilities and following the instructions.
  2. Review the last lesson by going to the NIU Homepage and returning to this page by typing in the URL of this page in the "Location" box of the NIU Homepage or by following the links from that page to Academic Departments, to English, to Writing Across the Curriculum, to material on sentences, to Gutenberg Exchange, to Lesson Two.
  3. Review the parts of speech by clicking on The Parts of Speech Worksheet. After you have reviewed that page, return to this page.
  4. Print this page so that you have instructions.
  5. Go to a short story, "The Woodsman".
  6. Print "The Woodsman" and pick up your copies of this page and "The Woodsman."
  7. Return to this page.
  8. Close Netscape.
  9. Open a wordprocessing package (probably WordPerfect or Microsoft Word).
  10. Open a new file.
  11. Rewrite "The Woodsman," following these specifications:
  12. Spell check your revised story.
  13. Save it to disk, print it, and hand it in.
  14. Close the wordprocessing package and log off.
  15. Bring your disk next time.
  16. Activate your E-mail account. You will need it for lesson four.

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