The Gutenberg Exchange: An Extra Lesson (15)

In this lesson, you will apply the analytical methods learned in earlier lessons to schematize a fairly long paragraph. You will then attempt to imitate the paragraph as closely as you can. You will choose one of two model paragraphs.

These assignments, or ones very much like them, were suggested by Frank D'Angelo (the imitation of Twain) and by Christine Boese (the imitation of Bambara).


  1. Look at a paragraph from Mark Twain's Autobiography and at a paragraph from Toni Cade Bambara's The Lesson.
  2. Choose one of these paragraphs, and, using Notepad or a word processor, schematize it.
  3. After schematizing the paragraph, open a new document, and, working from your schematized version, imitate the paragraph as closely as possible, using your memory of a place (like Twain) or person (like Bambara) for the subject matter.
  4. Print both the schematized original and your imitation of it, and hand them in.

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