Gutenberg Exchange Lesson 11a: Basic Punctuation Rules
Computer Literacy Objectives: In this lesson you will continue using multi-tasking to create a wordprocessing document. This version of lesson 11 does not contain information on HTML coding. If you wish, you may switch to the HTML version of Lesson Eleven. (Recommended for advanced classes)

Writing Objectives: You will learn basic punctuation rules and apply them to edit a paper.

In this lesson, you will learn six basic punctuation rules. After opening a wordprocessor document, you will then copy and paste into it a paragraph that needs to have its punctuation corrected. In the wordprocessor document, you will correct the paragraph, and then you will copy and paste rules explaining your choices into the document.


  1. Review main clauses and free modifiers.
  2. Go to Six Basic Punctuation Rules and study them carefully.
  3. Scan through the following web pages, noting the rules and their numbers:
  4. Open your wordprocessor, and open a new document.
  5. Copy and paste the following paragraph to the word processor document.
    When you look at this paragrpah you will be seeing a text that is not punctuated correctly, you should correct the punctuation and any capitalization and then put in the rule number of the rule you are using in each case. It's important that you follow these steps; (1)find the punctuation errors (2)put in the correct punctuation (3)find the rule that governs that punctuation situation (4) copy and paste that rule to the bottom of your wordprocessing document, and (5) put in the rule number right after the change in punctuation. This may seem like a difficult lesson, however if you take your time--you should be able to do it even I can do it and you are as smart as I am.
  6. Make punctuation corrections in the paragraph and put in the rule numbers right after the punctuation correction. Bold face the rule number.
  7. Return to the pages of punctuation rules and copy and paste the rules you have used to the bottom of your word processor document, arranging them in sequential order.
  8. Your document should contain the corrected paragraph with rule numbers boldfaced embedded in it. It should also contain the rules, at the bottom of the page, which you have used.
  9. Have a classmate check your work.
  10. Make sure your name and section number are on it, and then print, save, and hand it in.
  11. Close all open programs and logoff.

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