Gutenberg Exchange Lesson 10a: Absolutes
Computer Literacy Objectives: In this lesson you continue to use multi-tasking to create a wordprocessed document. This version of lesson 10 does not work with HTML. If you wish, you may switch to the HTML version of Lesson Ten. (Recommended for advanced classes)

Writing Objectives: You will learn how to identify and use absolutes.

In this lesson, you will read about the structure of absolutes, and then you will search a list of sentences, copying and pasting sample sentences that contain absolutes into a wordprocessing document and imitating each.


  1. Review Lesson 9a.
  2. Go to an introduction to absolutes, and study it carefully.
  3. Leave Netscape running, and open your word processor; then return to this page.
  4. Go to a list of complex sentences.
  5. Scan the sentences looking for absolutes. (There are three sentences that contain absolutes.)
  6. As you find them, copy and paste them into the Notepad document and imitate each with your own words.
  7. Have another student check your sentences to see if they contain absolutes.
  8. Make sure your name and section number are in the document, and then print, save, and hand in your paper.

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