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The Gutenberg Exchange

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Welcome to Northern Illinois University's Gutenberg Exchange. The Gutenberg Exchange, which consists of fourteen lessons, is designed to supplement any writing class, regardless of its level. It is based on Francis Christensen's generative rhetoric of the sentence. This sequence is designed to achieve two objectives:

(1) to teach you how to use sentences effectively, and

(2) to introduce you to basic computer skills.

Lesson One: Parts of Speech
Lesson Two: Sentence Combining
Lesson Three: Basic Sentence Patterns and Passive Voice
Lesson Four: Bound Modifiers
Lesson Five: Subordinate Clauses
Lesson Six: Verb Clusters
Lesson Seven: Noun Clusters
Lesson Eight: Adjective Clusters
Lesson Nine: Relative Clauses
Lesson Ten: Absolutes
Lesson Eleven: Punctuation
Lesson Twelve: Analysis of Complex Sentences
Lesson Thirteen: Comparative Textual Analysis
Final Test
An Extra Assignment
Evaluation Form

This sequence of lessons was developed by Dale Sullivan assisted by Alice Kelsey during the summer of 1996. Please send comments to This project was funded with a grant from Northern Illinois University's Committee for the Improvement of Undergraduate Education and with supplemental funding from Northern Illinois University's Writing Across the Curriculum Program. The project enjoys the cooperation of The First Year Composition Program, part of Northern Illinois University's English Department, which supports research into computer-mediated instruction by sponsoring Network Writing and Research. This sequence of lessons is being used by some Teaching Interns in The Common English 103 Syllabus and by students in English 300A. If you are a teacher using these materials, please contact Dale Sullivan at the E-Mail address listed above, so that he can let you know about a listserv available for you and so that he can link your course to this page.