The Woodsman

Rewrite the following story making the sentences flow together more smoothly. You may combine sentences, and add transitional words or phrases, but do not leave out or add information. Use correct grammar and punctuation conventions.

Once there was a man. He was a woodsman.  He was small.  He had 

a beard.  He had long hair.  He wore old clothes.  The clothes 

were made of denim.  The denim was blue.  He lived with his dog. 

The dog was big.  He was a lab.  He had short hair.  He was black.

They lived in a shack.  It was rickety.  It was made of wood.  

The windows were broken.  It had a front porch.  There was a chair

on the porch.  The chair rocked. The house sat on the edge of 

a meadow. It sat next to a wood.  The wood was swampy.  The man 

did something every day.  He worked in his garden.  The garden was

in the meadow.  He grew corn.  The corn didn't grow very well.  

He grew potatoes.  They were red.  He grew squash.  Some of the

squash was acorn squash. Some was butternut.  The squash grew 

every where.  The days were hot.  The days were sticky.  The 

work was hard. The man liked his work.  He did it tirelessly.  

He did it joyfully.  He did it religiously. But he did not do 

it on Sunday. The old man made supper every night. They had 

nothing except what they could supply themselves.  He would 

make supper out of stuff from his garden.  He would make it 

from squash. He would make it from potatoes.  He would make 

it from corn. Sometimes he would make it from squirrel.  

Sometimes he would make it from fish. They would share their 

meal.  The old man would talk to his dog.  The dog would look 

at the man.  The dog would wag his tail.  They would go to the 

front porch.  The man would rock in his chair.  The dog would 

lie on the porch.  They would watch the sun go down. 

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