Citing Web Sites

According to Janice Walker, the appropriate way to cite WWW (World Wide Web) sites, which are available via Lynx, Netscape, other Web browsers, is as follows:

To cite files available for viewing/downloading via the World Wide Web, give the author's name (if known), the full title of the work in quotation marks, the title of the complete work if applicable in italics, the full http address, and the date of visit.

Burka, Lauren P. "A Hypertext History of Multi-User Dimensions." MUD History. mud-history.html (5 Dec. 1994).

Walker, Janice R. "MLA-Style Citations of Electronic Sources." (July 21, 1996).

A Useful Tip

One way to save time, is to copy and paste the author's name, the title of the web page, and the URL from the Location or Netsite line to a wordprocessing document. Type the date of your visit after that. You can then edit that document to put the information into proper form, but you at least have all the data you need without having to retype it.