Selected Relative Clauses

1. War, which devoured work, learning, and children, was the denial of reality.
"Chapter One: Betrayals " Four Ways to Forgiveness, By Ursula Le Guin.

2. We find this sense of the industrial city as a place of amplitude and opportunity most brilliantly in the work of Theodore Dreiser, who had lived in Chicago with his family briefly in the early 1880s but returned on his own in 1887 to "a world of hope and opportunity."
"Chapter One." The Epic of Chicago and the Making of America , By Donald L. Miller .

3. Another slight in a string of slights that stretched back to the time before he was John Wayne, even before he was Marion Mitchell Morrison-the name he was finally given at age five-back probably to his mother's unforgiving impatience with his father, which had transferred unerringly to him.

4. Sidney Preen, who may already have been thinking about next year's vacation, thanked him profusely, talking about their wonderful experiences.
"Chapter One: God, Lincoln, and the Golden Gate." John Wayne: American, By Rand Roberts and James Olson.

5. These creatures were empowered by solar energy, which was collected, for the most part, on the farms where they worked and so was pretty cheaply available to the farmer.
Another Turn of the Crank, By Wendell Berry .

6. In earlier years the country had been considered a wilderness fit only for prairie dogs and Cherokees, who along with the Chickasaws, Choctaws, Creeks, and Seminoles inhabited the region until they were shoved westward by the government to make room for homesteaders.
Buster Keaton: Cut to the Chase , By Marion Meade .

All sentences downloaded on July 25, 1996 from The Washington Post's "Chapter One" page.

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