Parts of Speech Worksheet

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If you are in a frames page, then put your cursor on this frame and click. To print a frame, you must have clicked on the frame before activating the print command. Print this page (or frame) by clicking on the "Print" button at the top of the page. Here is an easy way to identify four basic parts of speech. If a word can fit in the blank in the sentence, it is the part of speech listed in the parenthesis following the sentence.
  1. I was thinking of _ . (Noun)
  2. They seemed __ . (Adjective)
  3. They might _ (them). (Verb)
  4. That one did it__. (Adverb)

Complete the following story by filling in the blanks.

If the blank is in a parenthesis (_______), you are to name the part of speech of the word which precedes the parenthesis. If the blank precedes a parenthesis _____________ (verb), you are to supply a word that fits the part of speech specified in the parenthesis. When you supply these words, make sure they make sense in the context of the paragraph.

Once upon a time, there was a wee, little man (_ _), who

lived with his_ __ (noun) in a _ _ 

(adjective) house on the edge of a dark wood.  Although he seemed 

very weak, he _ ___ (verb) all day, every day,

and he did it energetically (_ __).  After a long day of

_ __, (noun with an -ing ending) he would fix 

(_ __) his supper and eat it with his __ ____(noun).

Although you would think that he would grow tired of doing this,

he always seemed __ ___ (__ ___).  However, 

one day, after a full day of __ ___ (noun with an 

-ing ending), he _ __ (adverb) walked to the dark 

(_ ___) wood and disappeared.  He has never been seen since.