Progress Report, Sample Two


TO: Mr. John Lathum, Vice President of Product Development
FROM: Robert Campbell
DATE: June 29, 1984

SUBJECT: Progress report on the preliminary report on use of liquid crystal display technology with Datatec products

As presented in my permission proposal of June 22, 1984, I am writing a preliminary report on liquid crystal display (LCD) technology and possible use of LCDs with our products. The preliminary report will determine if there is a need to conduct an indepth feasibility study of possible LCD product development, or if it would be more profitable to channel company resources into other display technologies.

At this time, major sources of information have been located, preliminary research has been completed, research into specific areas has begun, and a timetable for project completion has been established.

Both the search for major sources and the preliminary research were completed on June 27, 1984. Excellent information was found in the areas of 1) current LCD product uses, 2) current LCD research, 3) current and future LCD limitations in product use, 4) individual company responses to LCD technology, 5) the current and future status of competing display technologies, and 6) the future business climate for products using LCD technology. Some limitations were found in obtaining the most recent information as there is a certain amount of secrecy involved with research and development in competing companies.

Specific and detailed research began June 26, 1984 and will continue until approximately July 10. The initial indication of this research is that LCDs will be most useful in the area of portable computers and company resources should be directed toward this area. Other technologies are seemingly more appropriate for other display uses.

With the major source search and preliminary research completed and the detailed research to be completed by July, 10, there remains several tasks to be done toward project completion. A schedule has been established for completing these tasks. The outline of the report is to be completed by July 9. The first draft will be written the week of July 9. Rewriting and editing will take place the week of July 16. The completed report will be submitted July 23.

Work on this project is progressing on schedule and with good results. With the quality of information I have available, I believe this report should provide an accurate and dependable basis for evaluating future company action regarding LCD use.