Prewriting Exercise for Character Sketch

In a character sketch, you want to create a snap shot of a person you know. This exercise is meant to help you come up with material that you can then build into the character sketch. Copy and Paste (highlight, Ctrl C, Alt/Tab, Ctrl V) this page to a new wordprocessing file and then answer the questions, giving descriptive detail when possible.
  1. What is the name of the person you wish to write about?
  2. Where will you set this sketch; what is the scene?
  3. What are the things in this scene that are associated in your mind with the person?
  4. What is the person wearing?
  5. What does the person's face look like?
  6. What does the person's hair look like?
  7. What do the person's hands look like? What does the person do with his or her hands? If you touch the person's hands, what do they feel like?
  8. What does the scene smell like?
  9. How does this encounter begin?
  10. What, generally, happens in this encounter?
  11. How does it end?
  12. Record a conversational exchange during this encounter in which you and the person each say at least two or three different things.
  13. Can you think of any significant mannerisms to include?
  14. Is there anything else about the person you want to get into this sketch?
  15. What impression do you want the reader to have of the person?
  16. Given this impression, what details should be emphasized?
Put your name at the top of this file, save a copy to disk for your own use and either print a copy to hand in or E-Mail a copy of it to your teacher.