How to Handle Journals

  1. Require small looseleaf notebooks
  2. Suggest divisions: Academic/Personal
  3. Date each entry
  4. Write more than a few sentences
  5. Suggest regular writing, 3-4 times a week at least
  6. Write at different times of day and night
  7. Spotcheck and say nice things
  8. Make regular use in class
  9. Index at the end of term
  10. Count--but do not evaluate by grading
  11. Keep a journal yourself

Using journals in class

  1. To start discussions
  2. To summarize lessons/ideas
  3. To refocus lost classes
  4. To solve problems
  5. To respond to readings/films/speakers
  6. To generate paper topics
  7. To let off steam
  8. To set priorities/schedules
  9. To evaluate personal academic progress
  10. To "free write" and "brainstorm"
  11. To be a record of growth
  12. To learn to like to write