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More Political Science Journals

What follows is a comprehensive (though not all-inclusive) listing of the journals available to political science students. To help Northern Illinois University students I have created a separate listing of political science journals held at Founder's Memorial Library.

Administration and Society
Administrative Science Quarterly
African Affairs
African Quarterly
Altern atives: A Journal of World Policy
American Behavioral Scientist
American Journal of International Law
American Journal of Political Science
American Political Science Review
American Politics Quarterly
Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
Armed Forces and Society
Asian Affairs
Asian Quarterly
Asian Survey
Atlantic Community Quarterly
Australian Journal of Politics and History
Behavioral Scie nce
Behavior Science Research
Black Politician
British Journal of International Studies
British Journal of Law and Society
British Journal of Political Science
Campaign and Elections
Canadian Journal of B ehavioral Science
Canadian Journal of Political Science
Canadian Public Administration
Canadian Public Policy
China Quarterly
Communist Affairs
Comparative Political Studies
Comparative Politics
Comparative Strategy
Comparative Studies in Society and History
Conflict Bulletin
Conflict Management and Political Science
Conflict Studies
Congress and the Presidency
Contemporary China
Cooperation and Conflict
Development and Change
Diplomatic History
East European Quarterly
Electoral Studies
Environmental Policy and Law
European Journal of Political Research
European Journal of Political Science < BR> European Studies Review
Experimental Study of Politics
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Policy
General Systems
German Foreign Policy
German Political Studies
Global Political Assessment
Governance: An International Journal of Policy and Administration
Government and Opposition
Government Finance
Growth and Change
Harvard Journal on Legislation
History and Theory
History of Political Thought
Human Organization
H uman Relations
Human Rights Review
Indian Journal of Political Science
Indian Journal of Public Administration
Indian Political Science Review
International Affairs
International Development Review
International Organizati on
International Political Science Review
International Relations
International Review of Social History
International Security
International Studies
International Studies Quarterly
Interpretation: Journal of Political P hilosophy
Jerusalem Journal of International Relations
Journal of African Studies
Journal of Applied Behavioral Science
Journal of Asian Studies
Journal of Common Market Studies
Journal of Commonwealth and Comparative Politics < BR> Journal of Conflict Resolution
Journal of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies
Journal of Contemporary History
Journal of Developing Areas
Journal of Development Studies
Journal of European Integrat ion
Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law
Journal of International Affairs
Journal of Japanese Studies
Journal of Law and Politics
Journal of Libertarian Studies
Journal of Modern African Studies
Journal of Modern History
Journal of Peace Research
Journal of Peace Science
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
Journal of Policy Modeling
Journal of Political and Military Sociology
Journal of Political Economy
Journal of Political S cience
Journal of Politics
Journal of Public Policy
Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies
Journal of Social History
Journal of Social Issues
Journal of Strategic Studies
Journal of the History of Ideas
Jou rnal of Theoretical Politics
Journal of Urban Analysis
Law and Contemporary Problems
Law and Policy Quarterly
Law and Society Review
Legislative Studies Quarterly
Mathematical Social Sciences
Middle Easter n S tudies
Middle East Journal
Modern China
Multivariate Behavioral Research
New Political Science
Orbis: A Journal of World Affairs
Pacific Affairs
Parliamentary Affairs
Parliaments, Estates, And Representation
Pe ace And Change
Peace Research
Perspectives On Political Science
Philosophy and Public Affairs
Philosophy Of The Social Sciences
Planning And Administration
Policy Analysis
Policy And Politics
Policy Review
Policy S ciences
Policy Studies Journal
Policy Studies Review
Political Anthropology
Political Behavior
Political Communication And Persuasion
Political Geography Quarterly
Political Psychology
Political Quarterly
Political Science
Political Science Review
Political Science Reviewer
Political Studies
Political Theory
Politics and Society
Presidential Studies Quarterly
Public Administration
Public Administration (Australia)
Public Administration Review
Public Choice
Public Finance
Public Finance Quarterly
Public Interest
Public Law
Public Opinion Quarterly
Public Policy
Publius: The Journal Of Federal ism
Quarterly Journal Of Administration
Res Publica
Review Of International Studies (Formerly British Journal Of International Studies)
Review Of Law And Social Change
Review Of Politics
Revolutionary World
Round Table
R ussian Review
Scandanavian Political Studies
Science And Public Affairs
Science And Public Policy
Science And Society
Simulation And Games
Slavic Review
Slavonic And East European Review
Social Forces
Social Indicat ors Research
Socialism And Democracy
Social Policy
Social Praxis
Social Research
Social Science Journal
Social Science Quarterly
Social Science Research
Social Theory And Practice
Sociological Analysis And Theory Sociological Methods And Rese arch
Sociology And Social Research
Soviet Review
Soviet Studies
Soviet Union
Strategic Review
Studies In Comparative Communism
Studies In Comparative International Development
Talking Politics
Technologi cal Forecasting And Social Change
Theory And Decision
Theory And Society
Third World
Urban Affairs Quarterly
Urban Studies
War and Society
Washington Quarterly: A Review Of Strategic And International Studies
West European Politics
Western Political Quarterly
Wilson Quarterly
Women and Politics: A Quarterly Journal Of Research And Policy Studies
World Development
World Policy Journal
World Politics
Youth And Society

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