Using Images on a Web Page

Images can do much to attract attention to your web page, but they can also create too much "busyness" on your page, and they can make it too large to load with modems at a reasonable pace. Look at a few of the following pages and consider
  1. the size of the image--will it load quickly? Does it take up too much of the screen? Does it go off the screen?
  2. the quality of the images--(remember that some of you are limited to simple VGA monitors which dramatically cut the quality of photographs).
  3. the balance and density of the page--are there pleasing proportions? does the page seem too heavy or cluttered?
  4. the contrast and repetition in the page--are there elements of contrast (if so is the contrast pleasing or does it cause unrest?) Are there elements of repetition such as colors or icons? Do they work well together?
  5. the appropriateness of the images--do they create the right tone for the subject matter of the site?
  6. the accessibility of the page--is it clear what you are to do in this page? Does it give you enough information to move on or does it leave you baffled?

Some sites to look at (move the frame divider over to the left margin to see it clearly)