What do the basic HTML tags do?

Below are the html tags used in the basic web page in
step 7 with their meaning next to them. Remember that the periods inside the lesser than sign should be left out.

<.html> opens an html document
<.title>name of the file<./title> titles the file (doesn't appear in the web page)
<.body bgcolor=#fffff> opens the body; the #ffffff makes the background color white
<.a name="top"> puts in a location so that you can click to this spot
<.h2>Title You Want to Appear on the Page<./h2> turns a level two heading on and off
<.hr> puts in a horizontal line; no off switch needed
<.p> puts in a blank horizontal line, a paragraph break; no off switch needed
Type in a paragraph of the body text you wish to appear in the page, and when that paragraph is done, then put in a paragraph break.
<.p> paragraph break
Put more text here.
<.p> paragraph break
<.ul> opens an unnumbered list
<.li><.a href="filename.htm">link name<./a>Put the first internal link here. the li signals a list item; the a href puts in a link to a file within the same account on-line; the /a turns of the a in the a href
<.li><.a href="filename.htm">link name<./a>Put the second internal link here.
<.li><.a href="http://address.filename.htm">link name<./a>Put external link here. puts in a link to a file outside of the local account
<./ul> turns off the unnumbered list
<.a href="#top">[top]<./a> puts in a link to a location within the same document, in this case the top; the # is necessary
<./html> closes the html command which appears at the top

For information on more tags, go to a table of HTML commands.