Sample Letter of Application

244 South Eleventh
Salina, KS 67401
January 31, 1984

Dr. Milton E. Roberts, Director of Personnel
Intricate Fabrication, Inc.
Dallas, TX 76802

Dear Dr. Roberts:

During the Christmas break I was visiting my aunt and uncle in the Grand Prairie area. My uncle, Mr. Robert Gilmore of Chance-Vought Aerospace Corporation, informed me you are looking for an electronics technician. I would like that job. I have been attending Kansas Technical Institute for the past two years. I plan to graduate this May with an Associate of Electronics Engineering Technology degree.

Included in my course studies are basic electricity theory, semiconductor junction theory and applied applications of electronics circuits. I have taken the communications option, introducing me to basic RF theory of generation and propagation, from the medium frequencies to the microwave region. This includes standard AM and FM theory and practice as well as PM and PCM types of modulation. In the laboratory I have built several different types of two-way communications systems, including one at 10 GHz using Gunnplexers. In addition to my work in communications, I have been involved in actually building a 6502-based microcomputer. In this class I built the various stages and then properly interfaced the components. I feel this experience has given me a good working knowledge of digital circuits, helping to round out my expertise.

During my schooling I have been working part-time on campus under the Veterans Administration's work-study program. This opportunity has given me much more experience in trouble-shooting both analog and digital circuits than my normal course studies could. My responsibilities include the maintenance and calibration of all the test equipment in the electronics department. This includes H-P, Tektronics, and B&K oscilloscopes; H-P, IEC, and Ailtech signal generators; H-P spectrum analyzers; Kiethley DMMs; and Triplett and Simpson VOMs and VTVMs. There are also other types of equipment available that have not required servicing or calibration. This work experience has not only helped to sharpen my trouble-shooting skills, but also to give me a feel for the equipment. I think this is an asset in this field, with its myriad of instrumentation.

Outside of class I am active in Amateur Radio, call sign KA0PZB, and sports, particularly basketball and softball. I am also interested in model airplanes, having built one, but not flown it yet. I hear the Dallas area has good weather... I have enclosed a resume and some letters of recommendation. Please contact me if you would like me to send transcripts or more references or to schedule an interview.


Forrest C. Elliott