Complex Sentences for Analysis

See the first few of these sentences put into a schematic structure

1. Slender and graceful, her eyes filling with tears, Brenda completed her skating routine, her long hair whipped by her speed.

2. He sat and watched as the train slowly went past--the large boxcars tilting back and forth, the flatbed carrying semi-trucks piggyback, the rails binding beneath the weight of the train, the wheels endlessly spinning around until, just a short while after eternity, the caboose wandered by.

3. As a designer of clothes, an admirer of beauty, and a collector of artifacts, she enjoyed visiting museums.

4. Frightened, confused, giggling hysterically, Lucille collapsed into the nearest fountain.

5. He drove to school, gazing at the morning sun, wiping the sleep from his eyes, preparing his mind for the coming activities of the day.

6. Gray-bearded and toothless, dressed in jockey shorts and a stash bag, he walked up and down the sidewalk, restlessly waiting to begin.

7. In the early evening, as the sun went down, shining its brilliant colors through the sky, he stood transfixed, watching the playful ponies in the pasture, listening to the sounds of chirping crickets and the nocturnal world of insects and animals coming to life, and realizing with awe that the complex workings of nature made him feel insignificant.

8. In the spring, for example, runoff from melting snow can carry a tremendous amount of silt to the river, causing increased turbidity.

9. Horticulturists usually fall within two distinct categories: 1) those utilizing man-made fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, and 2) those favoring the use of natural agents in garden maintenance.

10. The last period, the twentieth century, is the most difficult to classify, perhaps because we don't yet have the perspective needed to judge.

11. As ascertained from systematic qualitative observation, Baetis shodani and an unidentified chironomid species were co- dominants at the Arkansas River's Udall station, though hydrophilids and notonectids were abundant also, particularly within the sammon community along the depositional eastern shoreline.

12. He strode along the corridor, clumping loudly in his heavy boots, almost imperceptibly pausing every so often to shake his hair back from his face.