The Chicken

Rewrite the following story making the sentences flow together more smoothly. You may combine sentences, and add transitional words or phrases, but do not leave out or add information. Use correct grammar and punctuation conventions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        		The Chicken

A man lived in a farmhouse. He was old. He lived alone. The 

house was small. The house was on a mountain. The mountain 

was high. The house was on the top. He grew vegetables. He 

grew grain. He ate the vegetables. He ate the grain. One day 

he was pulling weeds. He saw something. A chicken was eating

his grain. The grain was new. He caught the chicken. He put 

her in a pen. The pen was under his window. He planned something. 

He would eat the chicken for breakfast. The next morning came. 

It was early. A sound woke the man. He looked out the window. 

He saw the chicken. He saw an egg. The chicken cackled. The man 

thought something. He would eat the egg for breakfast. He

fed the chicken a cup of his grain. The chicken talked to him. 

He talked to the chicken. Time passed. He thought something. 

He could feed the chicken more.  He could feed her two cups 

of grain. He could feed her in the morning. He could feed her at 

night. Maybe she would lay two eggs every morning. He fed the 

chicken more grain. She got fat. She got lazy. She slept all 

the time. She laid no eggs. The man got angry. He blamed the 

chicken. He killed her. He ate her for breakfast. He had no 

chicken. He had no eggs. He talked to no one. No one talked 

to him.

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