How do you schedule writing assignments?

There are five principles to follow in scheduling writing assignments:
  1. Writing assignments should reinforce the content base of the course.
  2. Writing assignments should be fully integrated into the class so that they do not appear to be add-ons.
  3. Writing assignments should be sequenced from easier and personal writing to more demanding and public writing.
  4. Writing assignments should build in opportunity for peer critique and revision.
  5. Writing assignments should not over tax either the students or the teacher.

What kinds of practical applications can be drawn from each of these principles?

On a fresh page, create a table consisting of three columns. At the top of the first, write "schedule"; at the top of the second, write "class topics"; at the top of the third, write "writing assignments." Fill in the columns, putting the broad date divisions in column one, the content modules for the course in column two, and the writing assignments and the target dates for drafts and critiques in column three.