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Writing Across the Curriculum Homepage

Welcome to the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Homepage at Northern Illinois University.  Writing across the curriculum is a pedagogical movement based on the premise that students learn critical thinking best when they actively engage in the subject matter of a course through writing.  When students use writing as a means of inquiry and problem solving in various classes, they simultaneously learn the material and become better writers.  Perhaps the following statement from NIU’s First-Year Composition Program defines WAC most succinctly: 

“Writing should not be confined to first-year writing classes; we live in the world of language, and students should be encouraged to engage in expressive, academic, and professional writing and speaking in all of their classes.”

What, then, is a WAC Program? See INWAC's Statement of WAC Principles and Practices.

About this site:

  • Faculty Support - How WAC can support faculty in their teaching and their scholarship
  • University Writing Center - Where students and faculty get help with writing tasks
  • Writing at NIU - Records of NIU's development of a WAC program
  • Workshops - Sample workshops for NIU faculty, TAs, regional teachers, and business
  • Newsletters - Online versions of past WAC newsletters
  • Archives - Resources from an earlier website on WAC at NIU
  • ESL Center - Where international students gain fluency in reading, writing, and conversation
  • Faculty Resources Online - Links to resources (e.g., handouts for students, advice for faculty, articles on implementing WAC in courses) in programs across the nation
  • A short history and philosophy - About the national movement in WAC
  • Partners - Who has contributed significantly to WAC at NIU

Please explore these materials and feel free to use them.

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