APA Quiz

1) Select the sentence that properly cites the following source:

Parker, P. (2015) The truth is out there: Are you ready? The Journal of Science and Mythology, 14(5), 321-345.

"Two hundred radioactive spider bites were examined over the course of two months, and no evidence of superhuman abilities in the victims was found. Of course, given the circumstances and current political climate, a victim of a radioactive spiderbite who actually gained powers beyond the usual human spectrum might not willingly display her newly acquired gifts for fear of further study and possible incarceration."

 Parker writes that people with superpowers might be afraid to come forward with their special abilities. 

 According to one researcher, "no evidence of superhuman abilities in the victims was found." (Parker) 

 As Parker (2015) discovered, people who have been bitten by radioactive spiders may not wish their special powers to be known. 

 People with super powers are jerks (Parker 2015).

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