Theater & Drama Collections

Historic Scenic Collection (Chicago Opera Collection)

Historic Scenic Collection contains the scenes, costumes, maquettes, and other archival material of the Chicago Civic Opera and the Lyric Opera of Chicago. The archival materials date from 1865 to 2012, but predominately features the productions of the Chicago Civic Opera for the years of 1910 to 1931. Particularly noteworthy are the 179 production notebooks that reflect the productions of 77 operas in great detail. The collection also contains programs, photographs, touring information, drawings, inventory records and funding lists, correspondence, expense records, design plates, pictorial source materials, and ephemera.

Nisbet-Snyder Drama Collection

A collection of some 2,000 late 18th Century and 19th Century English and American plays, many of them acting copies or annotated prompt books.

University Library Drama

The collection includes 212 volumes of 18th and early 19th Century comic operas and acting editions of plays popular on the English stage (Part 1; partially cataloged). 19th Century plays and 45 programs for the St. James Theatre (London) covering the period 1879 to 1888 (Part 2: 121 volumes, partially cataloged).

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