Article 1:
Membership of The University Council

1.1 Composition

1.1.1 The University Council shall consist of voting representatives of the university faculty, students, staff, and administration as follows: 

Eight tenure-track faculty members, one from each degree-granting college and University Libraries. Such tenure-track faculty from each degree-granting college and University Libraries, eligible to either be elected or to elect, shall include those who hold the rank of professor, associate professor, or assistant professor, and shall exclude the president, the president's staff, the executive vice president and provost, the executive vice president and provost's staff, the deans, and the deans’ staffs.

Two instructors as defined in the instructors’ collective bargaining agreement.

One clinical faculty member selected by the Council of Deans.

Four student members selected by the Student Government Association and one graduate student member selected by the Graduate Council.

Four supportive professional staff members selected by the Supportive Professional Staff Council.

Five operating staff members selected by the Operating Staff Council.

Four administrators including: the president of the university, the executive vice president and provost, the chief financial officer; and one dean selected by and from the deans.

1.1.2. The Faculty Senate president shall serve as the nonvoting chair.

1.1.3. The University Council shall have at least one elected member who is a member of a minority racial group.

1.1.4 Subject to the call of the University Council, other persons, serving as consultants, shall have the right to participate in the deliberations of the University Council, but shall not have the right to vote. 

1.2 Terms of Office

1.2.1 Persons elected to the position of University Council voting member shall serve terms of three years, except for persons elected as student representatives who shall serve terms of one year. The university president, the executive vice president and provost, and the chief financial officer shall serve for the duration of their term of office. The dean representative and the Faculty Senate president/University Council chair shall serve terms of one year.

1.2.2 Terms of office for all members shall begin on July 1. Persons elected or appointed to fill mid-term vacancies on the University Council shall be eligible to begin service on the University Council three days after the chair of the University Council has been officially notified in writing of their election or appointment. 

1.3 Removal from University Council Membership

1.3.1 An elected member of the University Council shall be subject to removal by a two-thirds vote of the total University Council voting membership after three successive absences from regularly scheduled meetings of the University Council. 

1.3.2 Vacancies created by removal shall be filled for the balance of the term remaining by the procedures established in the bylaws for filling vacancies in that office.

Amendment approved by University Council 01/26/2000.
Amended approved by University Council 09/07/2011.
Proposed amendment approved by University Council 04/29/2020.

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