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Student Resources

Here's who to contact for help with a specific issue:

DACA-related Employment

Noor Harrison

Comptroller (Waiving taxes on scholarships)
Sarah Kimball

Admissions (If you put your temporary SSN on your application. Undocumented students should leave this section blank when applying).
Crystal Garvey

Student Counseling Support Services

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Shiraz Tata

Community Counseling Training Center

Registration and Records

Carol McFarland McKee (Notary)

Lori Kocher (Affidavit)

Faculty and Staff Resources

There are many ways you can support undocumented students at NIU:

  • Use the term "undocumented," not "illegal."
  • Don't ask students to disclose their immigration status. If a student discloses their status to you, assure them you'll keep it confidential.
  • Refer students to us for support.
  • Schedule our ally training for your department, office or unit. After training, display a sign on your office door stating your support for undocumented students.
  • Donate to the Immediate Assistance Fund, which provides small grants to help students with tuition, rent, books, etc. Be sure to specify that your donation should be directed to the fund.
  • Read the Working with Undocumented Students Handbook (PDF) and the DACA Guide for Employers (PDF).

Faculty Advocates for Undocumented Students

You can support undocumented students by joining Faculty Advocates for Undocumented Students. This group of faculty, instructors, staff and others have shown their support by:

  • Raising funds for the Immediate Assistance Fund and DACA renewals.
  • Participating in the Coming Out of the Shadows rally and march.
  • Promoting understanding of issues facing undocumented students, particularly in the classroom.

For more information, contact Beatrix Hoffman at

Syllabus Statement

We encourage faculty and instructors to include a statement in their syllabi about resources for undocumented students. Here's a suggested statement:

Undocumented students: You are welcome in this class. NIU's Office of Undocumented Student Support can help you with advising, campus services, scholarship information and other resources. Their services are confidential and are also open to students from mixed-status families. Contact Sandy López, Campus Life Building 230,, 815-753-2391.

Contact Us

Sandy López
Coordinator for Undocumented Student Support
Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Campus Life Building 230

Virtual Hours

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. by appointment only

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